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Scan Centres

Scan Centres

Cloudex Scan - Patient Comes First.

cloudex scan centre make every decision and design every protocol with one central factor in mind; The patient.

Outpatient Imaging facilities are the most important part of Radiology. Cloudex Scans are the models for future Radiology  Diagnostic Centres.

We leverage advanced imaging modalities, the best subspecialists, technology innovation, pioneering research, and widespread patient relationships across all of our centers.

We Invest in People,  Equipment, and Technology with a vision of Accessible radiology.


2014 our first premium  Scan Center at Fort Road, kannur

2017  First Public private partnership 1.5 T MRI Centre at Medical College , Pariyaram , in 2017 established under the co-operative sector in India. , and a Multi slice CT Scan Centre at Co-op Hospital, Taliparamba established in 2018

Teleradiology Kannur

Cloudex Scans Advanced Ultrasound Imaging Centre, Fort Road,Kannur

Cloudex scan is Our first Imaging center started in 2014 at  Fort Road, Kannur.
We carry out the premium  USG scans for Abdomen, KUB, Pelvis, BPP, and Doppler.

Our USG scan center is specialized for Fetal Echo, 4D Anomaly, USG Musculoskeletal parts, Neurosonogram & Neonatal Scans.

With a state of the art GE Voluson E8,  The machine is a premium USG system for women imaging such as Obstetrics, Gynecology, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, and Assisted Reproductive Medicine. Innovations in image quality, automation, transducer technology, and image analysis help give you the extraordinary vision you need to provide excellent patient care. The  Voluson E8 Expert HD live imaging tool helps bring exceptional realism to ultrasound and the ability to explore fine details in an extraordinary way.

  • Address:
    Third Floor, Emad Tower, Fort Road, Kannur- 670001
  • Enquiry & Booking: 9544659966, 9544659977
  • cscans@cloudexrad.com
  • Working hours:
    Monday to Saturday – 9am to 6pm
usg scan

Cloudex Pariyaram Scans,Kannur

At Cloudex Pariyaram scans we are able to offer access to high quality Ultrasound, MRI and CT scans. We understand that having a MRI or ultrasound scan can be a stressful occasion and we offer an efficient yet sympathetic approach to minimize anxiety and thereby ensure a smooth and comfortable experience.

Cloudex Centre is a leading provider of MRI, CT and ultrasound services in Pariyaram and Kannur. We offer a professional and affordable private scan services .

  • Address:
    Cloudex Pariyaram Scans, Sreyas Complex, Near Govt. Medical College, Kannur, Priyaram -670503
  • Enquiry & Booking: 9544658000
  • pariyaramscans@cloudexrad.com
  • Working hours:
    Monday to Saturday – 9am to 6pm

1.5 T MRI Centre at Government Medical College, Kannur, Kerala

1.5 TESLA  MRI UNIT of Cloudex is set up at Government Medical College Pariyaram, Kannur. Our First  Public-private partnership under  Total Capital Solutions Partnership started in November 2016.

The MRI UNIT conducts all types of MRI SCANS referred from the Medical College as well as outpatients too. The Unit is very well set up and convenient for a patient to reach.


We use 1.5 TESLA GE EXCITE  MACHINE for the MRI scanning. The GE Signa Excite 1.5T MRI Scanner Machine is a widely used 8 channel high resolution, whole-body MRI scanner. This is also known for its quality performance. With Excite technology, this system has a high data throughput capability to effectively manage large data volumes, and your complex image reconstruction needs. Enhance your diagnostic options for stroke evaluation, peripheral vascular imaging, and breast imaging with the very cost-effective. It Eliminates motion artifacts, has Advance technology for better workflow & Increases workflow with Excite Accelerator technology.

  • Address:
    Government Medical College, Pariyaram, Kannur- 670503
  • Enquiry & Booking:
    +919544654060 ,
  • cscans@cloudexrad.com
  • Working hours:
mri scan


Our Multislice CT MACHINE is set up at Taliparamba Cooperative Hospital and the unit started the service in May 2018 and working full-fledged.

Our center is located centrally in Taliparamba, a prominent locality in the city.

We do all types of WHOLE BODY CT SCANS, Including special scans like UROGRAPHY, MUSCULOSKELETAL for Fracture evaluation, and bones with 3d imaging.

We use GE Multi-Slice –BRIVO CT  for the scanning and it provides high image quality and low dose combined with a wide variety of proven, advanced applications that help you make fast, confident diagnoses from head to toe. The Brivo CT delivers the speed, power, and resolution required for all types of routine CT applications. The reliability, high image quality, and effective productivity you need in a small compact design.

  • Address:
    Taliparamba Cooperative Hospital, Taliparamba - Iritty Rd, Opposite Honda Showroom, Taliparamba, Kerala 670141
  • Enquiry & Booking:
    CT Unit Landline -04602206024
    Mob- 95446 50090
  • cscans@cloudexrad.com
  • Working hours:
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