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Total Radiology

Total Radiology

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Total Radiology: Total, End to End Solutions

Radiology, also called diagnostic imaging, is a progression of various tests that take pictures of different pieces of the body. A significant number of these tests are extraordinary in that they allow specialists to see inside the body. Various diverse imaging tests can be utilized to give this view, including X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, CT scan, and PET scan.

Radiology, today is an integral part of the diagnosis, while expanding its realm to play a key role in intervention procedures. With the role of radiology getting more and more intrinsically relevant, the vertical is all set to embrace growth.

With the quick evolution of technology platforms, changing clinical requirements as well as growing industry competition, today medical imaging verticals need to constantly be abreast of the latest developments to stay relevant as a business model.

It’s here that you can leverage Cloudex’s over a decade-long industry experience, exposure, and leadership, by teaming up with Cloudex Ventures. A win-win partnership that equips your radiology business with winning-edge competencies. Cloudex Ventures’ comprehensive solution range is thoughtfully designed to adapt to your organization’s present and future requirements.

Discovering future potential Cloudex Ventures offer 3 uniquely structured programs to accent growth in your radiology business. Read on to know how you can gain from these possibilities.

Cloudex Radiology provides teleradiology and radiology services worldwide in India, Malaysia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Philippines, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Thailand, Botswana, Ghana, Vietnam, Africa, etc.


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Total Capital Solutions Partnership

Are you planning to start your own facility in radiology? Then, partner with Cloudex in creating a robust future for your business.

Strategic Competency Partnership

This strategically structured solution is designed to address the growing need for technology, quality, and skill up-gradation…

Decisive Clinical Partnership

Get into a Clinical Partnership with Cloudex. When you partner with Cloudex, you can accent the efficiency of your system, while drastically cutting operational costs.