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Cloudex Locum Services

Cloudex Locum Services


Cloudex Locum Services

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Apart from Teleradiology Services, Cloudex also offers Radiology Locum Services to facilitate the smooth functioning of care delivery, in healthcare institutions and medical imaging centers. Our emergency Locum Radiology services are tailored to meet the demanding situations – when your radiologist is away on vacation or on leave or unavailable during off-duty hours. The end-to-end solutions cover technical support, imaging interpretations at Primary, Secondary. Tertiary levels as well as Subspecialty Reporting and Second Opinion sourcing.

Going beyond conventional Locum services, Cloudex helps its clientele in the planning and installation of advanced imaging equipment, their maintenance, and technical support.

Subspecialty Reporting

Cloudex has established core-competency in providing preliminary, secondary, and tertiary radiology subspecialty interpretations and reporting.

Second Opinion Reporting

Cloudex provides highly ethical Second Opinion facilitation, thanks to our in-depth expertise, vast knowledge resources, and team of certified experts.